These publications will appear soon (expected at the beginning of 2024).

QuestWorlds Schnellstartregeln (German only)

QuestWorlds is a quick and easy roleplaying system by Chaosium Inc.
It is designed to boost your creativity and to not be a hindrance to an easy start in the games. Characters in QuestWorlds are described using your imagination and as part of the game world rather than by game mechanics. QuestWorlds rules can be applied universally to any genre and world. The QuestWorlds core rules in English are available from Chaosium Inc.

Adventure 1: Fortunate Crossing (by Nicole Thode)

Fortunate Crossing is an action-packed adventure in the style of wuxia films, so-called kung fu films. It is set in a world inspired by ancient, fantastic China. The player characters are tasked with getting to the bottom of mysterious nocturnal rumblings. They must use cunning and fighting skills to find their way.

These publications are currently in progress.

Adventure 2: The Exchange (by Nicole Krause)

The Exchange is an adventure set in a mystical world. The characters are members of a mixed group from two hostile kingdoms. They have the joint task of escorting a hostage from one capital to the other.
What could possibly go wrong?

Adventue 3: The Witch of Ravenhill (by Leikala Freudenschlag)

The Witch of Ravenhill is set at the beginning of the 17th century in a small town called Ravenhill in Germany. The player characters are a group of professional witch hunters. Will they manage to unmask the dark forces before Ravenhill is torn to ruin and they themselves become the next victims?

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