About Humakt e.V.

Who are we? Humakt e.V. was founded in 2015 (the abbreviation “e.V.” stands for a registered assocation in Germany). We are a small club of role-players and fantasy enthusiasts. We publish role-playing books, especially on the role-playing system QuestWorlds (previously HeroQuest). We do not see ourselves as a commercial publisher, but as a fan project.

This year (2024) we will publish several QuestWorlds booklets in English and German, which we are currently working on.

So far, we have published two German-language books, firstly “HeroQuest: Das Regelbuch” (a translation of the core rules under licence from Chaosium Inc.) and secondly an adventure anthology with 18 self-written, very different adventures from different genres and worlds.

We also organise Trollball tournaments at the Eternal-Con every year.

Our club consists of both permanent members and volunteers who support us. Your contact persons are:

Robin Mitra: Chairperson and editor-in-chief, in charge of the creative part, such as texts, images, coordination of authors, artists etc.

Bild: Tobias Brosinske mit Fellkapuze im SchneeTobias Brosinske: Chairperson, in charge of organisation and finances

Hannah KoppetzHannah Koppetz-Mitra: In charge of all technical matters, such as our websites

Bild: Nicole KrauseNicole Krause: Membership representative, in charge of all enquiries relating to membership and volunteering

Become a member

The members and volunteers write adventures, draw pictures, take photos, proofread texts and provide advice and support. Anyone can join in and help. The membership fee for Humakt e.V. is €12 per year. Beyond that, we are largely financed by donations.

If you would like to join us as a permanent member or as a volunteer, just get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!