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We are currently working on an English version of this website. It is a work in progess, thus you may find pages that are not available in English yet. Please be patient with us.

There are several changes in 2021. Moon Design Publications sold the trademark of HeroQuest to Hasbro, so they can publish a new edition of the former board game (external link). With that our license for our publications has ended.

Instead Moon Design Publications (Chaosium) will publish a revised version of the HeroQuest rules under the name QuestWorlds. When this happens we from Humakt e.V. are going to publish at least one QuestWorlds adventure in English as well as QuestWorlds quick start rules in German. We are already working on additional QuestWorlds adventures to be published later.

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HeroQuest: Das Regelbuch
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Trolls and Humans
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